Your Helpful (Handyman) Handylady

“Handyman” – ugh. Your outdated, old fashioned term for a sweaty jack-of-all-trades guy in overalls and a tool belt. I’m so over it. And it’s high time we get more handyladies – definitely sounds more attractive, doesn’t it? 😉

Well, that’s me. I’m your jill-of-all-trades handy lady that’s been tinkering around houses since she was 5 when her Dad first taught her how to unscrew a battery cap with a Philips head. I was hooked on tools ever since. Taking things apart, putting them back together and…eventually…using my repair skills to make ugly things look pretty again. Hey, just because I know my way around a tool shed doesn’t mean I’m not feminine! I love ALL things girly…heels, handbags and home decor.

This site is my little contribution to the Internet, sharing what I know about fixing stuff and turning a drab home into a fully functional, beautifully staged space you love to live in. I hope my tips help you take on more projects yourself, as the super woman you are, and bring some personality back into your home as well.


Sonia Schlessinger